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Islamic Baby Boy Names 2022 from Quran and Hadith | Muslim Girls Boys Names 2022

Check out Islamic Baby Girl Names From Quran for more information about Islamic names from the Quran and hadith, as well as Islamic names for girls in Urdu. Furthermore, you can find all of the meaning names for boys and girls in both English and Urdu on this page. Every parent desires for a suitable name for his or her kid when a new baby is born. We will try to cover all of the names for both boys and girls in this section. Furthermore, you can find Islamic names for boys with meanings as well as Islamic names for girls with meanings on this website.

Every Muslim parent on the planet aspires for his or her child to be given a Quranic name. The main reason why every Muslim parent wants her or his child’s name to be chosen from the Quranic names is that he or she will constantly be reminded of the Holy book (Quran) and its verses,20 which he or she should ponder on at all ages. Here you may look for Muslim baby girl names in the Quran with meanings in Urdu.

Most Popular Islamic Baby Girl Names From Quran

A complete list of boys and girls names, as well as indirect Quranic names, is provided below. Here you may find Quranic names for females. Check out Muslim girl names beginning with a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z and Muslim boy names beginning with a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x Check out Islamic Baby Boy Names From Quran as well as the collection of distinctive Islamic baby boy names. Check out the meanings of Islamic names for boys in Urdu and Islamic names for babies in Urdu.

Islamic Baby Boy Names 2022 from Quran and Hadith | Muslim Girls Boys Names 2022

Islamic Baby Girl Names From Quran MEANING GENDER 


Urdu Meaning
Aayat Miracle or signs of the divine Girl لٹرکی
معجزہ یا الہی معجزات
Ayah A sparkling and twinkling human being Girl لٹرکی ایک چمک اور جڑنا انسان
Azim The great and magnificent being Boy لڑکا عظیم اور شاندار ہونے والا
Aziz One who has great might and glory Boy لڑکا جو شخص عظیم اور عظمت والا ہے
Bayyinat Clear signs or clear proofs Girl لٹرکی
Dunya Beautiful and smart human being Girl لٹرکی خوبصورت اور ہوشیار انسان
Fazl One who does good deeds Boy لڑکا جو اچھے کام کرتا ہے
Ghafur To forgive Boy لڑکا معاف کرنا
Hakim One of God’s Ninety-nine Names Boy لڑکا خدا کے نو نو نو ناموں میں سے ایک
Haq Truth, True, real, just, right Boy لڑکا سچ، حقیقی
Ilm Knowledge Boy لڑکا علم
Janna Who speaks or answers, afflicted, poor Girl لٹرکی
Musa Saved from the water Boy لڑکا
Raheem He who is kind and tender Boy لڑکا رحم دل
Rahma Girl who is graceful and kind Girl لٹرکی فضل اور مہربان
Salihat Good deeds Girl لٹرکی اچھے اعمال
Samaa A heaven or the sky Girl لٹرکی آسمان
Samawat Skies or heavens Girl لٹرکی
Aabdar Name aabdar has a quranic origin which means Moon light, early, quick. It is derived from the B-D-R root which is used in the Quran in verse 3:123 in the word Badr, which means “full moon” and is the name of a famous battle. Girl لٹرکی
Aabid The word aabid means powerful, complete, worshiper of Allah, it also signifies the one who is good intellectually and requires several outlet of energies Boy لڑکا طاقتور، مکمل
Aabida This can be the female case of name aabid, it means Worshiper, devotee, adorer Girl لٹرکی
Aleem one who has knowledge Boy لڑکا جو شخص جانتا ہے
Asar Mark, sign Boy لڑکا نشان
Faiqa A sublime woman of high status Girl لٹرکی اعلی حیثیت کی ایک شاندار عورت
Hasun A good-looking, handsome and pretty man Boy لڑکا خوبصورت آدمی
Hyat To be alive زندہ رہنے کے لئے
Marib A woman with an ultimate goal Girl لٹرکی ایک خاتون حتمی مقصد کے ساتھ
Marriam Pious and God-fearing woman devoted to God Girl لٹرکی خدا کے لئے وقف مقدس اور خدا سے ڈرتے ہوئے عورت
Maruf He does good deeds Boy لڑکا اچھا کام
Mashhur A person that is well-know and famous Boy لڑکا وہ شخص جو اچھی طرح جانتا ہے اور مشہور ہے
Mashkur A person whose acts have gained his gratefulness of people Boy لڑکا ایک شخص جس کے اعمال نے لوگوں کی شکر گزار کی ہے
Masir A man who is going after his ultimate goal Boy لڑکا
Maslama A feeling of safety and security Girl لٹرکی حفاظت اور سلامتی کا احساس
Mastoorah A woman who is hidden, covered and modest Girl لٹرکی ایک عورت جو پوشیدہ، احاطہ اور معمولی ہے
Masuda A happy and joyful Boy Boy لڑکا خوش اور خوشگوار
Masudah A man whose personality is happy and joyful Boy لڑکا خوش اور خوشگوار
Matar An Arabic name that means Rain Boy لڑکا ایک عربی نام جس کا مطلب بارش
Mawada A woman who is love, affection, comapassion and harmony Girl لٹرکی
Mawadda A woman who is loving, compassionate Girl لٹرکی
Mawaddah She is harmony, sympathy and love Girl لٹرکی
Mawhub A bestowed, gifted man Boy لڑکا
Meezan To weight and judge the propriety and justice of deeds Boy لڑکا
Mohammad The most important and precious part of human body, which give light to our path; eyes Boy لڑکا
Mohammed Vastness, Magnitude in size, greater than anything Boy لڑکا
Mohmmed idrees Sweet as nectar, honeyed as sugary. Boy لڑکا
Moosa One who is saved out of water. The name of a Prophet of Almighty Boy لڑکا
Rauf A person of great compassion for others, a merciful person Boy لڑکا
Rayhan One who smells good, a fradrance Boy لڑکا
Rayyan The Paradise’s gate for those who fasted often in their lives
Rihanna A woman who smells good Girl لٹرکی

Islamic Girls Boys Best Names From Quran and Hadith 2022

Name Meaning
Ayub Prophet of Allah known for his patience in the face of severity and hardship
Azaan Call for the prayer
Azad Freedom
Babar Very charismatic and bold with splendour and positive radiance
Badr al Din Full moon of the faith
Bashir Bringer of glad tidings, harbinger of good things
Dameer Heart, conscience
Darim Name of a narrator of Hadith
Dayyan A mighty ruler.
Ehan Full moon.
Ehsan Powerful, perfection or excellence
El-Amin Trustworthy.
Faakhir Proud, excellent
Fadil Generous, honourable, superior
Ghalib Victor, excellent
Ghayoor Self-respecting.
Gulzar A blooming garden, an inhabited town
Haaziq Intelligent, skilled
Habib Beloved
Ihsan Kindness, beneficence, highest level of Iman
Jabbar Mighty, brave
Jad Allah Gift of God
Kaamil Perfect, accomplished
Kafeel Responsible, sponsor, surety
Labeeb Understanding, sensible, intelligent
Lahi’ah A narrator of hadith
Mabad A place of worship
Madani Urban, civilized, modern
Nahid Generosity, stainless
Naqeeb Leader
Omar Long-Lived, populous, flourishing
Owais A companion of the Prophet
Pervaiz Breeze
Parsa Devout or pious person
Qabeel Son of Sayyidina Aadam
Qadeer Able, powerful, very kind hearted and honest
Qadi Judge
Raahil Path guider
Raashid Guided, intelligent
Rabee Spring
Saadat Blessing, honour
Taheem Pure
Taslim Submission
Ubadah Worship
Usman Name of the third Caliph, slave
Wafiq Successful
Yafi A narrator of Hadith
Yaqub A Prophet’s name
Zafar Victory, the best
Zakar Handsome, kind hearted

Islamic Names From Quran And Hadith

Name Meaning
Ayah Referred to a verse from Quran. Alternate meaning is miracle
Aisha Life, alive
Amina Trustworthy, faithful
Badeeah Astonishing, amazing, marvel, wonder
Bahar Spring, prime of life
Chafia Look after
Chahrazad Sensitive
Dafiya Narrator of Hadith
Daneen Princess
Eiman Faith
Eshal The name of flower in the heaven
Faaiza Victorious, triumphant
Faakhira Proud, excellent, precious
Ghufrana Forgiveness, remission of sins
Haadiya Guide to righteousness
Habeeba One who is loved
Ibadah Worship
Jannat Heaven
Jahan World
Jahida Helps the vulnerable
Kaifiya Ecstatic, mirthful
Kareema Generous, noble
Lafiza As deep as a sea
Lamah Brilliancy
Mahnoor Glow of moon
Majidah Glorious, noble, respected
Manaal Attainment, achievement
Nasra Helper
Nihala Exalted, pleased, prosperous
Obaidiyah Devout follower of Allah
Omera One who possesses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive attitude
Pakiza Pure, chaste
Parsa Chaste, devout
Qaaria Reciter of the Holy Quran
Qudsiyah Holy, celestial
Rafeeqa Kind, gentle
Reyah Winds, strength
Saafia Pure, virtuous, untainted, innocent
Salama Flawlessness, safety
Tahira Pure, free from sin
Taneem To be blessed, to be given blessings
Udaina Place of everlasting bliss
Urwah Evergreen tree
Waniya Soft, gentle breeze
Wardah Flower, glowing
Yameena Blessed, prospering, righteous
Yasira Ease
Zahra Flower of the world, shine or blossom

Top rated Beautiful 100 Muslim Boy Names

Arham – ارحام Aryan – آریان Ayaan – آیان
Zayan – زیان Azlan – ازلان Huzaifa – حذیفہ
Rohaan – روحان Zain – زین Ayan – آیان
Rayan – ریعان Ali – علی Anas – انس
Zeeshan – ذیشان Arish – عریش Sarim – صارم
Hamdan – حمدان Sufian – سفیان Hamza – حمزہ
Imran – عمران Taimoor – تیمور Rehan – ریحان
Azhaan – أذهان Ahil – آہل Saad – سعد
Aaron – ارون umar – عمر Aayan – عایان
Faizan – فیضان Shayan – شایان Ayaz – ایاز
Fahad – فہد Husnain – حسنين Umair – عمیر
Arsalan – ارسلان Haris – حارث Adnan – عدنان
Moiz – معیز Ayat – عیات Usman – عثمان
Hashir – حاشر Irfan – عرفان Azaan – آزان
Owais – اویس Hadi – ہادی Asif – آصف
Ahad – احد Maaz – معاذ Noman – نعمان
Ahmed – احمد Asad – اسد Irtaza – ارتضیٰ
Afan – عفان Salman – سلمان Adyan – ادیان
Rafay – رافع Ammar – عمار Usama – اسامہ
Sameer – ثمیر Kashif – کاشف Abaan – ابان
Uzair – عزیر Waqas – وقاص Junaid – جنید
Arshan – ارشن Farhan – فرحان Daniyal – دانیال
Hunain – حُنین Bilal – بلال Arslan – ارسلان
Hammad – حماد Kaif – کیف Hasan – حسن
Rizwan – رضوان Talha – طلحہ Mane – مانع
Meerab – میراب Adan – عدن Shoaib – شعیب
Shahzia – شاہ زیب Danish – دانش Taha – طہٰ
Abdullah – عبداللہ Sohail – سہیل Hanzala – حانزالہ
Kiyan – کایان Sufwan – صفوان Zaid – زیاد
Nadeem – ندیم Faisal – فیصل Shahbaz – شہباز
Sarfaraz – سرفراز Ehtisham – احتشام Saif – سیف
Aban – ابان Abdul-h – عبد الحادی Aman – امان
Tauseef – توصیف Aqib – عاقب Mohsin – محسن
Abrar – ابرار

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