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Afghanistan begins to import coal Latest News on APKetc

LAHORE: An official informed Dawn on Saturday that the government has begun importing coal from Afghanistan and distributing it to coal-fired power plants in various locations.

“Coal from Afghanistan began arriving a few days ago after the government urged the ministries concerned, particularly Pakistan Railways, to make necessary provisions for a safe and quick coal transit operation,” one official said.

“At the moment, the Khushhal Kot railway station receives less than 3,000 tonnes of coal every day.” However, with the start of coal operations from Kundian in Mianwali district and Sibi in Balochistan, the supply is likely to reach 20,000 tonnes,” the source said, adding that the Sibi station will receive coal in trucks.

3,000 tons being imported as of now

Nonetheless, the authority expressed that since Islamabad was paying for the coal in rupees, the expansion in costs probably won’t have a huge effect.

“A significant gathering managed by Federal Minister for Railways and Aviation Khawaja Saad Rafique would likewise be held in such manner on Sunday (today) at the Pakistan Railways’ base camp in Lahore. During the gathering, the choices connected with the send off of coal tasks inside the following couple of days would likewise be taken,” the authority said.

He expressed that under the arrangement, it had additionally been chosen to move coal to control plants in Sahiwal and Hub through the rail network rather than by street.

In the mean time, managing a gathering at the PR base camp on Saturday, Mr Rafique guided the Pakistan Railways organization to guarantee the arrangement of carts to ship coal from Afghanistan.

He investigated various issues connected with the rail line income and transportation of coal from Afghanistan. It was concluded that transportation stations would be set up in Sibi, Kundian and Khushhaal Kot. The Railways secretary, CEO and different officials went to the gathering.

In a gathering on June 27, the public authority chose to import coal from Afghanistan for the coal-terminated power plants because of the value climb of oil based goods.

The gathering, directed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, additionally endorsed the import of great coal from Afghanistan in rupees rather than dollars to save the country’s unfamiliar trade.

The head was educated during the gathering that the import of coal, at first expected for Sahiwal and Hub power plants, from Afghanistan would assist Pakistan with cutting the yearly import bill by $2.2 billion.

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